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Whilst shopping at my local supermarket I was browsing the latest DVD releases when I came across this new horror release that immediately took my interest. The film is called ‘Dracula Bloodline.’

The film looks like a typical low budget flick, quite possibly very good, as I have not yet seen it, but the illustration had a remarkable resemblance to a film that I did back in 2010 called ‘Bloodless‘.released several years later as ‘Vampires‘.

What do you think?

The vampire makeup illustrated on the cover is one that I designed and created. I signed over the rights for the producers to do what they wanted with the images for marketing and publicity as is normal and I can only presume that the owners of the IP for both films are now owned by the same distribution company. I am not angry about the use of my work being used to sell another’s, more flattered to be honest. Perhaps if ‘Dracula Bloodline’ is successful it might be in my interest to contact the producers and ask if I can provide their FX for their next movie? Stay safe, keep busy and let’s hope normality returns as soon as it’s safe to do so.

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