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Black Fields

So the short film has been made and was released to the world to see on YouTube. So I believe It’s now safe to publish some of my workshop images of the monster suit elements that I made.

As filming took place very much during the Pandemic, the elements made are not makeup prosthetics but effectively a mask, gloves and shoes. Should the opportunity come to do this again, then making prosthetic pieces would be considered to give more ‘life’ and better performance to the creature.

A water clay sculpture sealed ready for moulding.

Once the mould was made, the clay was cleaned out the mould fitted back together ready for silicone to be injected inside.

Once moulds are made, silicone skins cast and applied to gloves and shoes, time for clean up and painting.

Unfortunately I don’t have an image of the creature in full costume as I never went to set. I hope you enjoy the pictures from this fin build.

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